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Tuinen Heylen, ecologische tuinaannemer

A fresh website for a garden architect

Emmanuel of Tuinen Heylen didn't merely desire a fresh website; his goal was to draw clients who valued his distinctive vision. In essence, he aspired to attract higher-quality clients.


Emmanuel's gardens are far from ordinary. As a garden architect, he endeavors to strike a delicate balance between design and nature, making his work more akin to art than mere architecture.

The existing website failed to convey any of this; it was a plain and generic site that simply listed his services. Emmanuel wanted to transform it.

The primary task was to authentically convey his story and showcase his work.


When Emmanuel initially approached me, I didn't fully grasp his vision. What could be challenging about creating a website for a garden architect?

However, it wasn't until I joined him in photographing his creations that I truly understood his perspective. His work was anything but ordinary; every detail, every plant, and every choice was made with a delicate balance between nature and "culture," as he eloquently put it.

Through a strategic workshop, we delved into Emmanuel's business goals, his future aspirations, and the ideal client he wished to attract.

Armed with these insights, I began my work. I conducted a comprehensive analysis not only for the website but also for his overall communication strategy. I encouraged him to participate in the 'Vlaamse Tuinaannemer' competition. (Which he won :) )

During the photoshoots, I had the privilege to interact with his clients and gain valuable insights into their priorities: they valued Emmanuel's unique vision and poetic touch, the professionalism of his team, the aftercare service, and maintenance support.


I designed a website that catered to everyone's needs but placed a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. There's nothing more convincing than seeing a garden that resonates with your soul.

Through the images, I aimed to convey Emmanuel's distinctive vision. Often, we entered the gardens from amidst the lush greenery, immersing ourselves among the flowers and showcasing the intricate world of insects. The wild, untamed aspects of the gardens were also beautifully captured.

The result? Emmanuel called me a few months later, beaming with satisfaction, and shared that the website had ignited a transformative process. He was now attracting a more discerning clientele, reflecting the true essence of his work.

what the client says

“ Ine took ample time to exchange and complement thoughts. She readily understood the core of our company's philosophy and transformed it into a personalized, unique, and highly efficient website, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. She consistently adhered to agreements and deadlines, and her post-delivery service is exemplary. In essence, Ine embodies passion, dedication, versatility, and exceptional quality!”