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Teide Bike, organizer of cycling tours

Website with booking module for a travel agency specializing in cycling tours on Tenerife

Can we build a website for a new travel agency that organizes cycling tours? Icluding a booking module integration.


Teide Bike, a new travel agency for cycling tours in Tenerife, needed a website to present their services in an engaging and informative way. Their target audience consists of Belgian and Dutch tourists who largely book their trips from their home countries.

The target audience? Cycling enthusiasts looking for unique cycling tours in the beautiful Tenerife. The website should not only inspire but also provide the ability to make direct bookings.


We began with an in-depth analysis of the target audience and their needs. We then designed wireframes that defined the website's structure and user experience.

Based on our previous experiences in creating websites for travel agencies, we knew how crucial good visual content is. Therefore, we also focused on the breathtaking landscapes of Tenerife in the design to convey the magic of the cycling tours.


Using Craft CMS as our platform, we started the development process. We created custom templates and seamlessly integrated the design.

One of the challenges of the project was integrating an external booking module to provide travelers with a simple and reliable way to book their cycling tours.

The responsive website not only provides detailed information about the offered tours but also allows users to easily check availability and book online directly.

Furthermore, the customer can easily modify their bookings at any time.

It's all pedaling smoothly!