— What I do


targeted strategic visuals for your communication

Do you need high-quality visual materials for your website, social media, PR, or other communication channels? I am ready to support you and your organization in creating a strong visual presence.

15min introduction

you are facing the following challenges…

“no one wants to be in the photo…

Those portraits on the website are quite outdated by now, but everyone is hesitant about photos because 'why is it always so awkward'.

“pffff, still no visual content for social media and communication…

You have a continuous and acute shortage of visual material for your communication and your social media.

“our online projects need an update…

There you go again: another 3 years have passed, and none of those recent great projects are visible on your website. It's high time for new visual material of the achievements.

“We can't find employees…

You have job openings, but no one seems interested. Perhaps the job page is due for an update…

what clients say

“Need a beautiful photo? Contact Ine! For me, this is a natural choice. From event photography to portrait (and group) photos and background images, for example, of activities in the lab, she always finds the right setting. She is also very good at making her 'models' feel at ease. I can assure you that some of the groups she has portrayed for us were quite challenging in that regard.”

some cases


Campaign photography for social media

Muncipality Wetteren

Photography for a HR campaign

I view the world through my strategic communication lens, which is why I'm your ideal photographer. With every photoshoot, I consider the goals and long-term results you want to achieve.

Furthermore, I can provide that extra touch if necessary: not just photos, but also a social media template tailored to your company's brand? That's possible!

how I help

corporate reportage

Capturing your organization for half a day, a day, or longer? I visit and blend into your organization, almost invisible, but with a beautiful reportage as a result.

portrait photos

Your team needs a face. On the website, on their LinkedIn profiles, and in their chat applications. Small headshots or full-body portraits. During to-the-point shoots, I put your people at ease, and you receive a neat series of images.


Urgently need some great images for your communication, but you don't have the super budgets for that campaign? Together, we create a brief, I provide creative as well as strategic input, and then I capture the photos you need. Without exorbitant advertising budgets.

images for the website, social media, or other editorials

Need that additional flair for a press release, a LinkedIn article, or your Insta-reels? Having limited visual content for your online and offline communication can be quite a challenge. Through pre-defined budgets and a list of images, I maximize the output of a shoot. So, you can keep going with all your editorials.

and more…

Thanks to my digital expertise, I consider formats and outputs comprehensively. Require a social media template? Ready-made posts? Concise Instagram reels or a LinkedIn PDF presentation? You can count on me for all your requirements, offering a one-stop-shop experience.