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Content photography for a Korean car brand on the road to sustainability.

Kia reached out to me to create a series of photos for their social media and website, aligned with their media campaign.


Deliver high-quality images for social media in line with the campaign visuals, all within a challenging timeframe.


Kia contacted me in need of new visual content for their Belux social media campaigns.

They had come across my work in architectural photography and noticed my experience in automotive assignments, which led them to choose me as their collaborator.

II suggested conducting photo shoots showcasing different car models at various locations, featuring different models. While Kia provided a list of unique selling points (USPs), they also gave me creative freedom.


The result? A series of images primarily used for social media campaigns in Belux, but quickly picked up by other European countries. The images received a massive number of likes, leading Kia to propose a continuous partnership for all lifestyle images.

Vroom vroom!

what the client says

“You give a task to Ine, and you can rest assured: great results that are actionable and delivered promptly. Moreover, we've noticed that Ine's images consistently perform well on social media. A win-win-win.”