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Donkey Republic x Lantis

Campaign photography for social and print.

Motionmakers, a video production company from Antwerp, enlisted my services to create campaign images for Lantis.


18 images at 6 locations with 6 models. In 2 days. With a tight deadline.
Now, that presents quite a formidable challenge...


After a client meeting, we compiled a list of all the required shots and matched them with their respective locations.

Laura, part of the Motionmakers team, took on the role of production manager and efficiently managed most logistics, including model selection, securing bicycles and cars, and more. To ensure budget adherence, we opted to forgo hiring a stylist and makeup artist for this shoot, entrusting our capable two-women team to handle all aspects.

We allocated 2 days for the shoot, while keeping 2 backup days in mind, considering the unpredictable Belgian weather.

On both shooting days, we swiftly navigated through Antwerp on bicycles, transitioning from one location to another, all while enduring scorching 30°C heat.


18 images and 1 image to be used in the campaign. A satisfied client.
And some sore legs afterwards.
Mission accomplished.