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Side Projects

You don’t need investors, or anyone else’s permission to do something amazing ~ Nate Croft

In a business there has to be space for work, but also for play. These side projects allow us to find new creative ways to express ourselves, to do the stuff we would never be paid for, or plain simply, to have fun.

An urban bike. An event for photographers. A bureau table. Creative workshops. A start up. A co-working spot in the making. A trip around the world

Have a crazy idea? Talk about it.
Maybe we can do some fun stuff together.

Events Collaborative working Product Design Stuff dreams are made of

Case study: for Tourism Flanders, TEDx Flanders, Creativity World Forum

From 2010 to 2011, my partner in crime and I travelled the world as digital nomads, while working.
After this adventure we were asked on several occasions to give presentations and predict our trends on the concept of ‘nu-nomadding’.

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Case study: Urban Bikes

Based on a dream I had a long time ago, the idea for a limited edition of Urban Bikes was born.
Our throw away culture could use some fine recycling: beautiful old bikes are thrown away to be replaced by ugly new bikes, while the old ones just need a new layer of paint, and some elbow grease.

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