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Digital & web design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
~ Steve Jobs

If you’re looking for visual digital minimalism in web design and other digital communication, you found the right place.

I have been involved in digital design since 2000, designing websites, keynote presentations, e-commerce shops, platforms,…

I mainly work for freelancers & small companies or organizations, although I have been freelancing for several agencies as well.

I *heart* design-minded clients who prefer sober design above an abundance of visual overdose.

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Case Study Wireframing & Web Design:

Back in 2011, the great people of skyped me, asking whether I was interested to design their platform.
They wanted to launch a website to crowd-fund money for journalistic photography projects.
They lacked wireframes and a design approach. I designed the whole platform from the ground up, integrating features they wanted, but also adding new features.

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