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Creative & digital services

I offer a wide range of services. My main parachute is ‘creative communication’, ranging from web design, to presentations, to strategic advice.

All these services are offered on a bespoke basis to get the best results.

Digital design

If you’re looking for visual digital minimalism, you found the right place.
I have been involved in digital design since 2000, designing websites, keynote presentations, e-commerce shops, platforms,…

Been there before.

And will do it again. With love.

I mainly work for freelancers & small companies or organizations, although I have been freelancing for several agencies as well.

I *heart* design-minded clients who prefer sober design above an abundance of visual overdose.

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For the last 10 years as a photographer I have been focussing on documentaries, events, portraits, interior, mainly for corporate clients.

Recently I started taking editorial pictures for magazines.

I love photographic stories as well as travel photography.

So, if you really want to make me crazy happy, you offer me to make you a travel or documentary story.

You won’t be disappointed.

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In all my jobs, I add this little extra of creativity, going the extra mile.

But I don’t need to design, or to take pictures, to have crazy ideas.

I have been consulting for several companies, giving presentations at some mayor and less big events.

If you are in need of new (strategic & creative) ideas or input, I’m sure I will be able to help you out.

As long as it has ‘communication’ written all over it.

Good to know: I am an accredited KMO-portefeuille consultant: if you have a company in the Flanders Region, you might get a very nice discount.

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Side projects

Never underestimate the impact of side projects. They make the world go round.
In a business there has to be space for work, but also for play. These projects allow us to find new creative ways to express ourselves, to do the stuff we would never be paid for, or plain simply, to have fun.


An urban bike. An event for photographers. A bureau table. Creative workshops. A start up. A co-working spot in the making. A trip around the world…

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I don’t do

There is stuff I don’t do.
Logo’s. Print design. SEO & SEA. Copy writing. Pure studio photography. Weddings. Babies.
But I’ll gladly refer you to my partners or other colleagues who love those things so much they made a job out of it.