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Euler Hermes

Euler Hermesa well known player in the insurance industry, asked me to picture their directors for their PR and editorials.

VIB – Editorial portraits

VIB often needs editorial portraits of their people. For press or internal/external communication.


Turbozen, architects specialized in healthcare, hotels, industry and office buildings, requested a modern site.

Anneleen Thoen

Anneleen Toen, a motivational coach for parents, children, youngsters and sports players, needed a website.


Tember is a simple newsletter system that can help you send your newsletters in a simple straight forward way.


Peter Timmermans wrote a book "We kunnen winnen", published by Lannoo. The book got accompanied by a website.


Boxy Fine Foods is the well known catering cuisine of the brothers Boxy. They launched a new shop in Ghent.


Long time client Deteldertuinen needed a re-design for their site, to reflect their steady growth.

NAVtechdays Conference 2012

Picturing an event and meanwhile broadcasting the images on a big screen. This is exactly what I did on the NAVtechdays 2012.


Some bloggers were asked to come along on a press trip to experience Süd-Tirol in late summer.


Lijstlijst is a new political party whose main theme is 'participative democracy’, using a website and our unique e-id’s. I was asked to design...

Dag van de Biotechnologie 2012

As in-house photographer of VIB, I was asked to picture their 'Day of the Biotechnology 2012'.


I was asked to design a small B2B website for ABSoluutmagazine, a free design magazine, distributed by ABS Bouwteam.

GDL, the new magazine of Goedele

The launch of a new magazine. The people of Duxevents wanted to have the story in pictures.

Juriscon Invorderingen

Juriscon wanted a simple site advertising their services as a collection agency.

Econopolis – Mix presentation

Econopolis asked me to assist in a consultancy project on the future of media and best practices.

Ine Dehandschutter

For my own photography & less commercial portfolio, I decided to create a separate website.


The people of Locus, a Ghent-based real-estate developer, were in search of a solution that could manage their website and different project sites.

A Prior

A Prior, an art magazine, wanted to update their website with as main focus readability and images.

Locus – Interior photography

For the new website of Locus, pictures of their projects were needed.

Fien Muller

Fien Muller, an artist, stylist & photographer, contacted me to design her new website with 2 prerequisites: make it minimal & add a CMS.


Oink Agency asked me to do the shoots for a new magazine for Procter&Gamble.

The founders of the start-up of, a website for crowd-sourcing photo-journalistic projects, contacted me to participate in this complex project.

POM West-Flanders

The people of Coworks asked me to redesign the POM West-Flanders website according to detailed guidelines and wireframes.

Volt Architects

Volt Architects, a group of architects, wanted a minimal site with maximum focus on their beautiful projects.


Erea, part of the Niko-group, asked me to organize a photo shooting for their new agenda.

Muller Van Severen

Muller Van Severen launched a furniture collection and needed a website to present their work in a similar style: sober & minimalistic.

VIB – Architectural photography

During different sessions I pictured the campuses in Ghent, Brussels, Leuven & Antwerp for the VIB.


The people of KAVA asked me to design the site for the guard duty of their pharmacists.


I made a new design for Arasystem, with a Wordpress CMS managing the prices of the products.

Urban Bikes

2 recycled bikes were turned in modern urban bikes. By yours truly.

VIB – 15 years

In 2012 VIB celebrated their 15 years with a big birthday party. Matuvu was asked to take the pictures.

Incofin – Annual Shareholders Event

Incofin holds an annual event to report to their shareholders, I was asked to take the pictures on this event.


Vinlanda, a Brazilian constructing company, wanted a general look and feel for their websites, and as extra feature, a maintenance module.

Niko Caignie

Niko Caignie, photographer and meanwhile also friend, asked me to redesign his existing sites to really highlight his pictures.

Marijke Thoen

For Marijke Thoen, I designed a full frame website and blog, and added a module for a 'Lightroom 2 website' export for client pages.

Carole Vanderlinden

Carole Vanderlinden, artist and painter, was in need of a simple website, making her artistic work shine.


Catherine of Emoy asked me to design an effective website for this beautiful vacation rental, while she took care of the digital strategy.