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Leer neen zeggen

Posted on 15th June, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on Leer neen zeggen

Neen zeggen. Ik geef toe: ik ben er niet goed in. Heck, ik ben er gewoon rotslecht in.
In elk idee zit er immers wel potentieel. En bijgevolg een reden om mee te denken en mee te doen.

Als zelfstandige vond ik neen zeggen nooit aan de orde: het was immers inkomen verliezen.
Dat bleek gewoon een excuus, en het was maar tot ik bij een coach ging en ontdekte dat een opdracht weigeren ongelooflijk bevrijdend kon zijn.
Hij gebruikte daarvoor een eenvoudige truuk, die nu nog steeds boven mijn bureau hangt.

Ik beschrijf em hieronder.

Sindsdien is neen zeggen veel gemakkelijker geworden: ik denk aan de uiteindelijke outcome. En als die positief is, zeg ik ja.
En het zal u wellicht niet verbazen, maar professioneel ging sindsdien alles de goeie richting uit: ik ging meer en meer werken voor projecten die me meer lagen, ik was … Read More »

Trend Report 2013

Posted on 2nd January, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on Trend Report 2013

Net zoals een aantal voorbije jaren schreef ik mee aan het Trendrapport van Wijs.

Hieronder mijn bijdrage.

“Toen de vraag kwam om ook aan deze editie van digitale trends mee te werken, sprong ik enthousiast op de kar.
Ja, vanzelfsprekend. Ego streling ten top, maar ook, denken over de toekomst. Ik doe dat graag, weet u wel.
Tot ik een paar uur later besefte: ik weet helemaal niet wat de digitale trends van 2013 zullen zijn.
Denken over de toekomst, dat is fantaseren. Trends uitschrijven dat is analyseren, constant de media volgen.
En toegegeven, ik ben niet meer mee met alle digitale media, ik begin stilletjes aan af te haken: facebook, twitter, tot daar aan toe. Pinterest, hell yeah, heerlijk eenvoudig, heerlijk inspirerend.
Maar dan… Het zoveelste sociale netwerk waaraan ik zou moeten deelnemen om god weet wat op te reflecteren. Een zoveelste stukje ik, die kijkt … Read More »

The perfect camera bag

Posted on 13th July, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on The perfect camera bag

Finding thé best camera bag.
Next to making the best picture, it must be one of those things almost every photographer is obsessed with.
Me included…

Because, well, just because.
A camera is a heavy object that sometimes weighs a ton. Especially when carrying it around for more than 4 hours. Having a good bag that makes life a little bit more comfortable is well worth the search and the price.

Back in 2002, I met this genius photographer in Iraq, who was working with Contax material. He swore by it. (Oh if only they would make these in 2012, in a digital version… Oh wait, that must be an X-1 Pro or so…)
And he had these gorgeous bags for it. Domke, the label said.
2002. The internet was pretty basic back then. He bought them in NY, he told me. (Remember those days… when a … Read More »

Work Commandments

Posted on 13th June, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on Work Commandments

Somewhere on the internet I stumbled upon Henry Miller’s own commandments.
Although dating from 1932, these guidelines are still very up to date.
And worth to tinker about.

When in Argentina last year, I found myself day after day in ‘the flow’. A weird thing. It definitely was linked to my workflow back then. Upon returning to Belgium I lost this never-ending flow. And after a while I lost myself in procrastination.
Then, in just one moment, I got tired of my behaviour in ‘not doing stuff’.

So I tried to recreate the circumstances of Argentina in order to retrieve this ideal ‘flow’.
I discovered the stuff that mattered to me.

I’m trying to write everything down, as a reminder for myself.

Maybe it’ll help you too.

One thing that surely helped me a lot in ‘working’ instead of ‘procrastinating’, was the tiny free e-book of ‘Zen To Do‘, … Read More »

Things I wish I had known earlier on

Posted on 8th June, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on Things I wish I had known earlier on

With Bizcamp coming up, I decided I wanted to design a presentation on some best practices in freelancing, based on what I learned along the way. Sometimes the hard way.
I wished someone had told me about them before, so I hope this presentation helps some other freelancers out there.

If there is one thing I missed most on this journey (since 2000), it must be good guidance.
I had to figure out a lot by myself, despite loads of existing initiatives taken by the government and institutes.

I tried several things, for instance Unizo Coaching, a Creative Jumpers Bootcamp, extra workshops for networking, etc.
Unfortunately, my experiences were often far below expectations (except for the excellent FlandersDC workshop).
The knowledge of many, often older or retired, entrepreneurs is so valuable, and it is a pity to see that it is barely put to use.

Secretly … Read More »

The mistakes I made in 2011

Posted on 1st January, by matuvu in Articles. Comments Off on The mistakes I made in 2011

No better way to end 2011 than to make new resolutions.
Or not…

Each new year loads of people write down their new year resolutions. Their dreams and ambitions.
And I admit, I did a similar thing for several years.
But recently I got a mind shift.
No better way to look forward than by looking back.
So I decided to list my mistakes of 2011, rather than what I want in 2012.
And by sharing them with you, I hope to put them to value – for myself and others.

So here we go…