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About Ine

In 2000 I obtained my Masters degree in Photography (Royal Academy of Arts, Ghent, Belgium) and a bit later, in 2004, a post graduate in Art (Bezalel Academy of Arts & design, Tel Aviv, Israel). While studying abroad I discovered the adventures of the internet and set up Photoblog, an internet start-up with some friends – and became an avid blogger. Back in Belgium, most of my time went into starting up my own business.

Today, I combine my passions (photography & design) with my ‘geeky’ side (building websites) which are at the heart of, my little boutique web design & photography company.

As a side activity, I have taken up the role of Director of Design and shareholder of, a crowd-funding initiative for photo journalists.

In February 2010 I left, together with my partner in crime, for a one-year trip around the world. We returned in 2011 from this location independent adventure. The stories are still online on our blog

I got bitten by the travel bug when I was 12, and I’m still infected. It comes and goes, but never disappears. My long-time dream was to have a house with a big library full of books. That was until I discovered that this library fits in my laptop, and that one can afford much more when having less.

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