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‘Matuvu’ is the French word for somebody who wants to be seen, a show-off, while ‘nu’ is the French word for ‘naked’. By using this brand name, Ine wanted to blink towards the idea of showing content in web and images.

Matuvu has been building simple, minimalisticly styled websites since 2000. 
Specialities include websites for photographers, architects, designers and other frontrunners in creativity.
Matuvu also offers photography.
As a photographer I picture (business) events, people and interiors/exteriors.

I work on a bespoke basis with my clients, be it designing and building websites from the ground up to meet a specific purpose, designing and building with templates (our own or 3rd party) to meet a purpose more cost-effectively, be it taking pictures or giving advice.
I’m work towards the best possible end product together with my clients rather than for them.

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