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Things I wish I had known earlier on

Posted on 8th June, in Articles. Comments Off on Things I wish I had known earlier on

With Bizcamp coming up, I decided I wanted to design a presentation on some best practices in freelancing, based on what I learned along the way. Sometimes the hard way.
I wished someone had told me about them before, so I hope this presentation helps some other freelancers out there.

If there is one thing I missed most on this journey (since 2000), it must be good guidance.
I had to figure out a lot by myself, despite loads of existing initiatives taken by the government and institutes.

I tried several things, for instance Unizo Coaching, a Creative Jumpers Bootcamp, extra workshops for networking, etc.
Unfortunately, my experiences were often far below expectations (except for the excellent FlandersDC workshop).
The knowledge of many, often older or retired, entrepreneurs is so valuable, and it is a pity to see that it is barely put to use.

Secretly I hope one or another start up would do something with this knowledge, be it by gathering it, or by igniting a kind of guidance, focused on freelancers. Something Koen Van Den Heuvel already mentioned years ago, and Unizo does for KMO’s.

This article was written by Ine Dehandschutter.
She's a freelance photographer & webdesigner, based in Ghent, working worldwide.
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