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Urban Bikes

Urban Bikes

The days when owning an expensive car was the ultimate status symbol are over.
“Show me your bike, and I’ll show you who you are.”

Based on a dream I had a long time ago, the idea for a limited edition of Urban Bikes was born. Catherine, my partner in crime, designed her bike based on an old foldable bike.
I decided to find an old Merckx Professional, and tweak it to my taste.

The bikes are made using second hand abandoned frames (instead of using new frames). These frames were found through the local Craigslist, they were re-painted by a professional Belgian bike painter and all the vintage pieces were cleaned by hand. Combined with some new parts, they then were turned into modern vintage design bikes.

Current types:
1/ Single speed vintage Eddy Merckx race bike. original ’81 Merckx Professional frame, vintage campagnolo headset, crank set & pedals, old Brooks saddle. New wheels & brakes.
2/ Single speed foldable bike. Monochrome white. All vintage parts. New horseback leather saddle, new tires.

In the making:
3/ 3 speed Sturmey Archer vintage race bike based on another Merckx Professional from ’84.
4/ ’81 Merkcx Professional race bike, restored to its original state (all original campagnolo)

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