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Marijke Thoen

Marijke Thoen

Marijke Thoen is a professional photographer,focusing her photography on babies, births and children.

When Marijke, a long time friend, approached me to design a new website, we looked at her former one and listed all the things she wanted to change. 3 things popped up: ‘pictures, pictures, bigger pictures’, easier maintenance, and a good way to show her work to her (potential) clients.

I designed a site with a full frame front page, implemented it in SlideShowPro,.For the client-site I added an FTP access, so she could easily export photos from Lightroom into her website.
As an extra bonus and communication strategy, we added a ready-made blog and linked it to her Facebook page.

For this project, I was responsible for the design, implementation, and configuration of SlideShowPro and WordPress.

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