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Carole Vanderlinden

Posted on 16th February, in Portfolio, Webdesign. Comments Off on Carole Vanderlinden

Carole Vanderlinden

Carole Vanderlinden is an artist, painting beautiful canvasses.

Carole wanted a simple and straightforward portfolio site, showing her works, her bio, and her exhibitions agenda.
I suggested choosing for a CMS, allowing her to maintain the website herself.

With the SlideShowPro module and some actionscripting, I was able to design what she was looking for: a list of thumbnails, linking to full screen paintings.

I made the design and integrated this in the SlideShowPro CMS making it easy to maintain.

Visiti the site

This article was written by Ine Dehandschutter.
She's a freelance photographer & webdesigner, based in Ghent, working worldwide.
Check out her portfolio.
Ine is available for cool projects, so get in touch via twitter or through the contact form.

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